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Windy City Cup

May 31 - July 27, 2024

Registration open

Ends May 27, 2024


2121 N. Clybourn Ave.

United States of America


Format: Team Pickleball

Price: $0.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Rich Green


MLP Format. Each facility (Pickled Wheaton, Net Game, Sure Shot, Victory, SPF & PickleHaus) will host a week. We will keep a continuous scoreboard of W/L, Head to Head & Point Differential.

Each Division will play 2 Total Matches each week with 4 games per match to 21 points (Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles 1st, Mixed Doubles 2nd). Rally scoring will be used meaning each point is scored instead of only scoring on serve.

This series will culminate in a Playoff Final in the fall.


- Each facility will select and determine prices for their individual players.
- Follows Official MLP Rules (Rally Scoring, No Side Switching except for after timeouts and end change at 11)
- DreamBreaker will apply if Match is tied at 2-2. Singles Play, rotating every 4 points, game to 21.
- Win by 2, Freeze in effect at 20 (Can only win on serve at this point)
- Each team will designate a Captain to handle any disputes as well as coin toss (picking serve, side or Home/Away)

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Each individual club will handle cancellation/refund policy.



No players yet

6 team spots remaining


No players yet

6 team spots remaining