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The LucStrong Spring Pickleball Tournament Fundraiser

April 6, 2024

Registration closed

Ended April 2, 2024


Sinaloa Middle School


Format: Set Partner Round Robin

Price: $60.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Matt Bodden


This is a fundraiser to honor me and my wife’s son Luc who died at the age of 10 due to sickle cell disease (SCD). All registration fees will go to The LucStrong Foundation to help children fighting SCD. We’re partnered with 12 children’s hospitals including CHLA, City of Hope and UCLA Mattel. We provide grants to families in need to help them with their medical bills, rent, food transportation, and other critical needs. Join us in this great work, register today, and play pickleball for a cause!

In kindness,
Matt Bodden
The LucStrong Foundation

For more information or to donate please visit: https://www.lucstrong.org/


* Round Robin, set partner
* Mixed Doubles – 3.5, 3.5 over 50, 4.0+ (8am start time)
* Mixed Doubles – 3.0 (11:30am start time)
* Men’s Doubles – 3.5, 4.0+ (11:30am start time)
* Tournament Ball: Franklin X40
* Medals Awarded to top three places
* Complementary snacks and water


* Official USA Pickleball 2024 Rulebook
* SWISH and DUPR: We will be using SWISH and DUPR in this tournament.

** DUPR **
- Before the tournament, you will need to register with DUPR.
- Go to www.mydupr.com and register (FREE). You will be given an ID#.
- Write it down.

** SWISH **
- Go to your app store and download the SWISH SPORTS app.
- Register (FREE) and then go to the bottom right-hand side and see "profile"
- you will see a place to put your DUPR ID# in.

You are now ready for the tournament!

Cancellation/Refund Policy

This is a fundraising event for charity so refunds will be provided if the tournament is cancelled.


Mixed Dbls 4.0+

Steve Grossman & Kathy Isett

Adrienne LeFlore & John QUIJADA

Derek Guillory & Laura Morales

Tracy McKeown & Derek Brandes

Owen Chambers & Louise Fiss

Paul Ackerman & Kaitlyn Silva

Melissa Hundley & Stanley Ng

Yingying Yang & Aaron Li

Drew Greene & Bailey Porras

Paul Vega & Rachel Steward

0 team spots remaining

Mixed Dbls 3.0

Alexandra Carabello & Morgan Siebers

Cari Williams & Jay Gayton

Thomas Lawrence & Natalie Lawrence

Akis Kourtzidis & Norma Mendoza

Allan Linderman & Jennifer Clark

David Katzner & Anne Altman

Veronica Villaclara & Orestes@coladacompany.com

Hosmel Galan & Charlene Nguyen

0 team spots remaining

Mixed Dbls 3.5

Amelie Le & Khoa Le

Q Smart & Jeffrey Smart

Ashley Villarta & Jacob Graf

Lucia Castaneda & Subash Soundrpandi

Diane Dunbar & Dorian Dunbar

Terry Ahern & Kim Tempelton

0 team spots remaining

Mixed Dbls 3.5 over 50

Tracie Oken & Jay Oken

Benedict Chu & Kristine Werner

Doug Flaig & Gail Greer

Brad & Jean Hirschmann

Michelle Van Kempen & Kurt Vosberg

Matt Howard & Philaiporn Phumathon

0 team spots remaining

Men's Doubles 3.5

Matthew Neal & Tobias Neal

Isaiah Balandran & Derek Abrams

Trevor Stutz & Remoh Lewis

Blake Wiltfang & Ryan Kobayashi

Oscar Alvarez & Steven Carlson

Anton Slazik & Marcus Martin

Michael Ribons & Chris Brandes

Martin Glick & Rob Taylor

Brad Stephens & Nick Haraden

1 team spot remaining


No players yet

0 team spots remaining

Men's Doubles 4.0+

Subash Soundrapandi & Senthilnathan Nanjankannan

Paul Ackerman & Arvin Buenaventura

elbert jason payra & Anthony Nguyen


0 team spots remaining


No players yet

0 team spots remaining