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Tazza di TTR

October 12 - October 13, 2024

Registration open

Ends October 4, 2024


Templeton Tennis Ranch

345 Championship Lane


Format: Team Pickleball

Price: $90.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Doug Bates


THE Team Pickleball Championship! Get your team of 2 gents & 2 ladies, and join the party! You will play a round robin by skill level. 1 Men’s match, 1 Women’s match, & 2 Mixed matches. Once you have played all of the other teams, the top 2 teams will advance to the Gold Medal shootout. Unless a team is undefeated, in which case they will be declared Gold Medal winners, and the next 2 teams will play for Silver. Playoff will be a rally scoring shootout to 21, played with Doubles. The second place team will present their lineup to the first place team. Each pair will play 4 points, then rotate to the next 4 players, who will play 4 points. Playoff managers will assigned to each of the finals matches to ensure proper rotation. You MUST be serving to win, and game is WinBy2. If your team is ahead 20-10, and you lose your serve, your team can not score on an error by the opponent. Once each team has reached 20, normal scoring will be in place.

Saturday will be for teams with only players Over 50, Sunday will be for anyone who wants to enter, or play a second day.

If Sunday does not fill, teams will be combined into one play date, on Saturday.

With the move to October, our Friday evening social get together is back on – Glow Pickleball! Once it gets dark enough, we will have 4 courts taped & lit to play under the stars! We rotate on & off the courts every ten minutes so everyone gets to play as much as they desire! Laugh & party into the evening!

Your entry includes the Glow Pickleball, tournament play all day, plus tickets to dinner, drinks, and dancing to a live band into Saturday evening. Additional guest passes will be available at $25/person, and will include entry into the evening party. Contact the Tournament Director for guest purchases.

ln addition – name your team: the most creative team name wins a prize. All teams are invited to take part in the team poster contest – best poster as voted on by all players wins a prize. Best team uniform also wins prizes.

For more information, go to www.WinBy2.fun


2024 USAP play rules will be followed. All games will be reported to DUPR. Format will be determined a week before play. If all slots fill, all games will be to 15, first team to 15. It is NOT WinBy2, as total points is a tiebreaker.

Games will played in this order: Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, Mixed Doubles 1, Mixed Doubles 2. Winners of the dice roll will choose from the following: Serve, Receive, Side, Present Mixed lineup First, Receive Mixed Lineup. Once one has been selected, the other team selects from remaining options. Then the first team selects the last option. Example: Winners select Receive Mixed. Opponent selects side. First team selects Serve or Receive.

Teams change ends when the first team reaches 8. Where your team finishes, they will begin the next game. First serve will always be from where it was in the first game.

The ball will be the Diadem, Optic Green.

Warm up will be available starting at 7:00am each day, play will begin at 8:00am.

Medals will be awarded to first, second, & third. Additional prizes will be awarded to teams with the best uniforms, best team poster, and best team nickname. Winners of all prizes will receive extra drink tickets for the party.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Refunds until October 4th. After that, refunds will be offered less the after party costs.

Tournament Director reserves the right to change format, team division (based on highest DUPR rating of players in team), and any unforeseen circumstances.


Over 50 3.0 & Under Teams (Saturday)

No players yet

6 team spots remaining

Over 50 3.5 Teams (Saturday)

Soft Dinks

Maureen Lewis & Frank Redfern & Sandra Miller & Trent Johnson

Mid Court Crisis

Tammy Wenino & Gary Wenino & Tracy Richardson & Mark DeSimone

Spicy Pickles

Ali M. Vassigh & Johann Smit & Leslie Barber & Marie Ocafrain

Pismo Beach Pickleball

Nancy Krumwiede & Eric Villegas & Amy Phelan & Troy Johnston

2 team spots remaining

Over 50 4.0 Teams (Saturday)

Heavy Dinkers

Tracy LeAnn McKeown & Derek Brandes & Diane Humphrey & Andres Melendez Ek

Team Paso

Edgar Chen & Natasha Chen & Damon Shannon & Ruby Shimomura

4 team spots remaining

Over 50 4.5 & Up Teams (Saturday)

The Real Dill

Steve Grossman & Owen Chambers & Louise Foss & Karhy Isett

5 team spots remaining

Under 50 3.0 & Under Teams (Sunday)


Matthew Jimenez & Marisela Jimenez & Matt Wilkins & Jennifer Almaguer


Michael Jimenez & Gaylen Clark & Frixton Abata & Mishila Garcia

4 team spots remaining

Under 50 3.5 Teams (Sunday)

Drops and Lobbers

Edwin Roque & Kelli Brill & Brad Luton & Erin Luton

Slam n' JAMM

Mackenzie Wilkins & Adrian Galvan & Maurecia Rea Clark & James Q Clark

Dink Around and Find Out

Grace Casola & Travis Domingues & Nate sellstrom & Andreya nunez

2 team spots remaining

Under 50 4.0 Teams (Sunday)

Puckered Picklers

Marie Ocafrain & Erin Amaral & Garrett Philbin & Jose Diaz

Dinker Bell

Kelsey Rea-Clark & Andrew Clark & Corinne Clark & Collin Raynaud

Puckered Picklers

Marie Ocafrain & Jose Diaz & Erin Amaral & Norman San Juan

Sorry not Sorry

Vorlasing Vankham & Knautilus Vankham & Melanie Pulliam & Melissa Lane Dominguez

The Tight Gripz

Kiana Mello & Brenda Alvarez & Mauro Castaneda & Justin Billingsley

Loose Grips Sink Ships

Kallie Cruz & Nicholas Mello & TJ Parker & Nicole Saunders

0 team spots remaining

Under 50 4.5 & Up Teams (Sunday)

No players yet

6 team spots remaining



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