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Summer Smash Round Robin

July 21, 2024

Registration closed

Ended July 17, 2024


Seal Beach Pickleball Center

3900 Lampson Avenue, Seal Beach, CA 90740, United States of America


Format: Set Partner Round Robin, Rotating Partner Round Robin

Price: $40.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

SBPA Volunteers


Join us for an exciting Summer Smash Pickleball Round Robin Tournament! Compete in Women’s, Women’s Senior, and Men’s divisions with rotating partners and/or fixed partners in levels 3.0 to 4.0+. All while supporting a fantastic cause – the Seal Beach Pickleball Association. Your participation will help enhance and enrich the pickleball experience at the Seal Beach Pickleball Center.

Event Schedule:
8:30 AM: Women’s Rotating Partner Round Robin
8:30 AM: Senior Women and Men’s Rotating Partner Round Robin
11:00 AM: Women’s Fixed Partner Round Robin
1:00 PM: Men’s Fixed Partner Round Robin

Seal Beach Pickleball Center members can use code SBPA10 for a $10 discount on registration.

Each division is designed for an 8-member (individual or team) 7-game round-robin format. While we aim to accommodate this structure, the final format may vary based on the number of participants.

If your desired division is full, please email [email protected] with your division preferences.

Seal Beach Pickleball Association operates as a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to promoting pickleball in our community. Thank you for your support!


-Detailed rules and guidelines will be emailed upon registration
-Winners are determined by wins. Points and head to head will be used to break ties.
-Franklin Balls
-Play to 11, do not have to win by 2
-Top team serves first
-Not a DUPR event

Cancellation/Refund Policy

We ask that you make every effort not to cancel the week of the event; however, we know there are a few things more important than pickball and will issue refunds up to 17th.


New! Seniors Mixed

No players yet

8 team spots remaining

Women’s Rotating Partner 3.75

Mary Varipapa

Sara kincaid

Yvonne Krantz

Sandy Turner

Angela Karlan

Leslie Shimada

Shannon Lee

Julia Walling

ivette yoshinaga

0 team spots remaining

Women’s Rotating 3.0

Cheryl Rudich

Caitlen Coats

Michelle Grajeda

Karen DeWeese

Janice Taeu Hong

Debbie Roland

Sydney C Spradley

Annette Son

Reba Birmingham

0 team spots remaining

Women’s Rotating 3.25

Holly Harris

Lauren Rips

Nadine Boyle

Julie Lynch

Shannon Purmalis

Elisa Carranza

Gayle Chait

Monica Wright

0 team spots remaining

Women’s Rotating 4.0+

Jessica Ellis

Laura McFarland

Keri Sato

Melissa Barlow

Khara Duffy

Tani Trapani

Mai Vu

Julie Filkoff

Wendy Wu

0 team spots remaining

Women’s 3.5 Rotating Partners

Danielle Quinones

AnaMaria Bustillo

Laura Maxwell

Elizabeth Greco

Izumi Yamamoto

Monica Wright

Retta Baughn Wright Ekstrom

Stephanie Loftin

1 team spot remaining

Men’s 3.0 Fixed

No players yet

1 team spot remaining

Women’s 4.0 Fixed

Melissa Barlow & Khara Duffy

Laura Brooks & Sandra Christensen

Shannon Avery Acevedo & Ann-Marie Farias

Monique Palmera & María Alemán

Kari Lowe & Gayle Beele

0 team spots remaining

Senior Women Rotating 3.0-3.5

Kris sifers

Sunshine Daye

Bunky Mar

Nancy Martin

Lisa de los Reyes

Sue Nelson

Tamara Whitr

Virginia Norton

Dorothy Michelle Gallahair

0 team spots remaining


No players yet

1 team spot remaining

Women’s 3.5 Fixed Partner

Danielle Quinones & Colleen McFaul

Jessica Ellis & Phelan Fitzgerald

Isabelle Hill & Hazel Bockstadter

Sara kincaid & Julie Lynch

Cheryl Saunders & Carolyn Hooper

Leslie Ciletti & Kris House Jorcyk

Vickie Yellam & Dee Crossen

Shirley Moir & Tracy Ferguson

Loralee LaFleur & Jan Green

0 team spots remaining

Men’s 3.5 Fixed Partner

John P. Wolfe & Bruce Coggins

Garff Hathcock & Tim Hardy

Cameron Smith & Kyle Wirth

Christian Aldinger & Kelly Liebhart

Zack Sutherland & Scott Sutherland

David Drury & Zachary Jorcyk

Tom lin & Sal Guzman

Sebastian lane & Alex Romo

Jon Lira & TJ Callahan

0 team spots remaining

Men’s 3.5 & up Rotating Partner

William Spradley

Jim McRae

Lou Rudich

Terry Owens

Roberto Gómez

Charles Sung Hong

Cory Olson

Jake Holshuh

Andrew Abram

0 team spots remaining

Women’s 3.0 Fixed Partner 3.0

Shannon Purmalis & Nancy Roddy

Debby Pridmore & Frances Yamasaki

Constance Aldinger & Kerri Aldinger

Sunshine Daye & Chainsaw Kris Sifers

Christine Claridge & Nora Legaspi

Leslie Shimada & Jami Roth

Lisa Squires & Grace Malay


Sandra P. Klein & Lydia Bottegomi

0 team spots remaining

Men's 4.0+ Fixed Partner

Bryan Branderhorst & Matt Anema

Rolly Castillo & Richie Hsiu

Cory Olson & Todd Johnson

Taylor Bro & Carlo Romagnoli

Frank McCoy & Frankie McCoy

Eric Bass & Warren Kaplan

Matthew W Chen & Steven Chen

Jerry chen & Jason Lafranchi

Patrick O’Dowd & Tony Hooper

0 team spots remaining

Waiting to be placed

Patrick ODowd

4 team spots remaining



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