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Spring Fling

April 20 - April 21, 2024

Registration open

Ends April 17, 2024


Rancho Conejo Playfields, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, CA, United States of America


Format: Set Partner Round Robin, Rotating Partner Round Robin

Price: $20.00$40.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)


Come join us at Rancho Conejo Playfield for the SPRING FLING PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT hosted by
Ventura County Pickleball Club (VCPC) and Conejo Recreation and Park District (CRPD).
This is an automated tournament run on the SWISH App.
o 10 outdoor courts (6 dedicated and 4 multi-use courts).
o Round Robin format
o Cost is $80 per team and the player who registers will sign up for their partner.
o Cost for Youth Scramble $20 per player. (No partner required)
Registration requires email addresses and DUPR numbers for both players.
o DUPR ratings, as well as results in previous tournaments (VCPC/CRPD, as well as other
local tournaments), will help determine the minimum level you must play. Tournament
Director reserves the right to modify player levels.
o Saturday: Men’s & Women’s Doubles (Schedule TBA)
o Sunday: Men’s & Mixed Doubles (Schedule TBA)
o Sunday: Youth Scramble – 16 & Under
o Senior players will have their own division when numbers allow. Toward this end, VCPC will group teams by age in each division and split into groups of 7 or 8 teams each. VCPC reserves the right to adjust grouping by age as needed.
o Tournament Ball: Franklin X40.
o Medals awarded to the top three places in each division
o Complementary snacks and water available.
o Food available for purchase.

o Players looking for partners, please send an email to tournaments@venturacountypickleballclub.com with Name, DUPR Rating and contact information.
o If your division is full and would like to be added to a waiting list, please send an email to tournaments@venturacountypickleballclub.com with you and your partners name, DUPR Ratings and contact information.


o Rules reference for tournament: Official USA Pickleball 2024 Rulebook
o SWISH and DUPR: We will be using SWISH and DUPR in this tournament.
Before the tournament, you will need to register with DUPR. Go to www.mydupr.com and register (FREE).
You will be given an ID#. Write it down. Next, go to your app store and download the SWISH app. Register (FREE) and then in the SWISH App on your phone, go to the bottom right-hand side and under "profile", LINK YOUR DUPR - This will take your directly to DUPR and will link automatically once you sign in. PLEASE do this prior to arriving to the tournament.
Once you scan in on the day of the tournament, you will then be ready for the tournament!

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellations - Please let the tournament director know as soon as possible if you need to cancel.
Please try to find a replacement and transfer your event costs to them, and they pay you directly.

Refunds - Will be given until Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 11:59 pm.


3.0 Men's Doubles

Jason Humphries & Will Humphries

David Roschko & Jim Woods

Terry Koplan & Dale Menagh

Ron Pivo & Ben Levine

Travis Coffey & Chris Zyhailo

Kevin Williams & Adam Sacks

Russell Jokela & Thomas DeGolia

Ken Saltzman & Richard Obrien

0 team spots remaining

3.5 Men's Doubles

Gerald Goldman & Chase Goldman

John Dechene & Nate Berneman

Nitesh Vijay & Isaiah Balandran

Derek Kenneth Abrams & Matthew Martin

Reuben Ruiz & Tom Larson

Bowie Hahn & David Greene

Sean Rivera & Greg Rous

Bob Grieder & Erik Lundring

Noah Salcedo Jr & Jonathan Guzman

Alfred Camposagrado & Adam Guerrero

Brandon Singer & Nicholas Iscakis

Oscar Vascos & Anthony Torres

Raymond Laser & Scott Laser

Kris Mendez & Alfredo Sierra

Chris Duncan & Mark Quinones

Vincent Margott & Chris Margott

0 team spots remaining

4.0 Men's Doubles

John Sestak & Richard Pastoria

Patrick Bowe & David AR Evans

Matt Davidson & Robert Houfek

Scott Farnsworth & Bryan Marincic

Kelly Bumbarger & keith botts

Scott Appel & Ryan Albert

Derek Brandes & Andres Melendez ek

Stanley Ng & Tanner Sawitz

Jason Mayling & Todd Johnson

Josh Weil & Cooper Pickett

Vasily Tarasov & Dustin Kraus

dominic salvatore & danny friedman

Sam Mattar & Nader Mattar

matthew melgar & ted zhu

Jeffrey Furst & Frank Adler

0 team spots remaining

3.0 Women's Doubles

Carol Pallai & Laura Smith

Lori Vreeke & Torrie Marsh

Kristi Lee & Denise Bockleman

Christina Kane & Sophie Wang

Angela Bravo & Sherry Duarte

Michelle DeShields & Yolanda Hawkins

Charlotte Pierce & Kenie Imke

Kristen Lopez DiMarco & Chiara DiMarco Lopez

0 team spots remaining

3.5 Women's Doubles

Lynette brodsky & Linda Bearss

Paige Coulter & Brenda Alibrendi

Lynn Baum & Gail Greer

Denise Lockwood & Katalina Martinez

Yingying Yang & Signe Kiesel

Melissa Segal & Barbie Block

Kathrin Nolan & Marsha Roubidoux

Tess Ariza & Katie Sgro

Meg Hammer & Brenda Newton

2 team spots remaining

4.0 Women's Doubles

Dana Ryan-Margott & Sara Roberts

Tomoko knudtson & Katrina Shupe

Tracy McKeown & Diane Humphrey

Annie Davidson & Melissa Nespor

Barbara Neary & Kristi Miller

Elaine Furst & Vanessa Carrington

Nanette Schooley & Cindy Yeoman

Katie Hutchinson & Patty Smith

0 team spots remaining

3.0 Mixed Doubles

Carol Quan & Victor Martinez

Jason Perez & Cristin O'Connor

Allan Linderman & Jennifer Clark

Michael Quinn & Janette

Jason Humphries & Sherry Duarte

Sheri Leiken & Anil Velasquez

Kelly Kazmirchuk & Greg Kazmirchuk

Meegan Hamilton & John Hamilton

Jesse Bales & Zoie Zhu

Lori Vreeke & David Dolnick

Kelly Driscoll & Heidi Driscoll

James Faulkner & Sharon Faulkner


Bob Grieder & Lori Grieder

Wendy Levenson & Barry Levenson

2 team spots remaining

3.5 Mixed Doubles

Laurie Dahlerbruch & Craig Dahlerbruch

Reuben Ruiz & Lisa zindroski

Linda Lee Beisswanger & Arturo Gonzalez

Shelly Jones & LJ Scamahorn Jr

Kurt vosberg & Michelle M.Van kempen

Khoa Le & Amelie Le-Roche

Diane Dunbar & Dorian Dunbar

Q Smart & David Koenig

Barbara Anderson & Joseph Bongiovi

Barbara Neary & Walt Bies

Steve Ng & Grace Ng

Jeffrey Furst & Elaine Furst

Jay Gayton & Katie Hutchinson

Louie pagano & Tess Ariza

Catherine Margott & Christopher Margott

0 team spots remaining

4.0 Mixed Doubles

Vincent Margott & Dana Ryan Margott

Lynette Brodsky & DAVID BRODSKY

Yingying Yang & Aaron Li

Sara Roberts & Dan Morrison

John Sestak & Denise Tisdale

Scott Laser & Carla Hill

Melissa Nespor & Tre Mauldin

Tracy McKeown & Derek Brandes

Annie Davidson & Matt Davidson

Bailey Porras & Drew Greene

Carol Smailes & Shane Smith

Kaylee Hanson & Kristopher Hanson

Daniel Azarov & Sandy Wiltshire

Andres Melendez Ek & Diane Humphrey

0 team spots remaining

Youth Scramble 16 & Under

Milo Diaz

Will Humphries

Bennett Miller

Leo Miller

Eli Feingold

Teo Risquez Jr

Cole Saltzman

Cadence Corkett

Kevin Foll

Jesse Cline

5 team spots remaining



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