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“Serving for Students” Moneyball Tournament Fundraiser

May 19, 2024

Registration closed

Ended May 17, 2024


Rancho Arbolitos Swim and Tennis Club


Format: Set Partner Round Robin

Price: $65.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)


0-0-Start and Project Pickleball presents “Serving for Students” Moneyball Tournament, raising funds to support 0-0-Start’s mission. 0-0-Start is dedicated to improving the lives of youth by providing them with opportunities to learn life and social skills through the sport of pickleball. Funds raised through this event will be used to purchase pickleball equipment for local schools.

All divisions will be set partner round robins.
Women’s 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5+
Mixed 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5+
Men’s 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5+ divisions.

$65 for first event, $25 for second event

Schedule of events:
7:15-7:45am – Check in/warm up for women’s doubles
8am – Start time for women’s doubles
10-10:30am – Check in for mixed doubles
11am – Start time for mixed doubles
1-1:30pm – Check in for men’s doubles
2pm – Start time for men’s doubles

Cash Prizes in all divisions! Entry fee includes a minimum of six games (assuming full brackets), balls, snacks, lunch, drinks and free raffle!

Because this tournament is benefitting local schools, we will be having a bake sale to remind us of our school days! The best news about this? You don’t have to bake and you still get to enjoy sweet treats! We’ll have desserts from around the city available for sale, all to benefit 0-0-Start.

No partner? No problem! We’ll do our best to partner you up. The Project Pickleball Facebook page has a “Tournament Partners Needed” Chat, or you can email or text us!

Interested in being a sponsor?
Does your teen need community service hours?
Email deborah@projectpickleball.net or text 619-746-7297.

Check out 0-0-Start on IG @0_0_start or at bit.ly/0-0-start.

Join the Project Pickleball Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/projectpickleball/

Thank you to our sponsors and donors:
Insomnia Cookies
Chipz Happen
Trader Joe’s
LA Fitness
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Habit Burger Grill


If your division is full, please email deborah@projectpickleball.net to get on the waitlist. For our last tournament, all of our waitlisted teams were able to be accommodated.

Tournament Director reserves the right to move players to ensure fair and balanced play, or to change format if brackets are not full.

** DUPR **
- DUPR Account is required. All games will be uploaded to DUPR after the tournament.
- Go to www.mydupr.com and register. Take note of your ID# as you will need to enter it in the Swish app.

** SWISH **
- Go to your app store and download the SWISH SPORTS app.
- Register (FREE) and then go to the bottom right-hand side and see "profile"
- Enter your DUPR ID#

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Registration fees are non-refundable. A portion of registration fee will be refunded if tournament is rained out. No rain out date.

Submitting your registration for this tournament constitutes your signature on and agreement to the information contained in the attached waiver.


Women's 2.5

Tracy Hudak & Lennie Fernandez

Elizabeth Fugate & Tina O'Flynn

Lovely Bolano & Nica Vann

Ashley Taylor & Cherie Flowers

6 team spots remaining

Women's 3.0

Sandra Benkler & Melinda Johnson

9 team spots remaining

Women's 3.5

Lori Robinson & Kate Veenstra

Sonja Gilliam & Yvette Peters

Julie Lichtman & Carol Conidi

Phoebe Nguyen & Maisie Nguyen

Ashley Watts & Krystle Payne

5 team spots remaining

Women's 4.0

Jamie Solomon & Lindsay Whitehead

Karen lee & Marcella

8 team spots remaining

Women's 4.5+

Blair Hartwell & Karen Taeatafa De La Rosa

Lacy Szuwalski & Jenna Gallanosa

Isabella Hoang & Cynthia Tran

7 team spots remaining

Men's 3.0

Jeff Carey & Brian Barbosa

Chris Johnston & Brian Montesi

8 team spots remaining

Men's 3.5

Ken Leung & Vuong Vo

Aldwin Mariano & Mark Justin Retuya

Ash Shih & Stan Bracy

Rey Rebolledo & Christopher Rebolledo

Joey Chase & Samuel Lee

Egon de Waart & Emilio Valente

Jason Kieu & Thinh Nguyen

Ki Joon Keum & Michael Dispenzieri

Daniel Miller & Kyle Van Arsdale

1 team spot remaining

Men's 4.0

Mark Ustinov & Alex Sisk

Chaz Chase & Colby Long

Bryon Winkey & Mina Ghobrial

David Brager & Robert mays

Jose Colchao & Michael Alvarado

Nathaniel Khouli & George Khouli

John Petrash & Robert Gamboa

Michael Farm & Geoffrey Barba

2 team spots remaining

Men's 4.5+

Do Pham & Shafiaq Khouli

Kevin Morton & Conrad Larsen

Corey Schneider & Justin Greenhaus

Dale gutierrez & Mark rivas

Dennis Le & Tom Hartwell

Isaac Leve & Brandon Lugay

Omar Hamdy & Fabian Yacobo

3 team spots remaining

Mixed 2.5

Tracy Prior & John Prior

Tommy Tong & Jenny Di Lam

8 team spots remaining

Mixed 3.0

Matthew Tran & Hannah Farnes

Ash Shih & Shirley Quach

Amber Wetzig & Jeff Light

Stuart Asakawa & Jen Seelye

Sara Vornpraporn & Prashanth Venkatesh

Marvin Gomez & Paulene De Mesa

4 team spots remaining

Mixed 3.5

Emilio Valente & Marci Mccord

Shauna Robeson & Carlos Alvarez

Kathy Karins & Tom Karins

Mark Stone & Katrina Bautista

Laura Ruival & Juan Ruival

Monica Silva & Chris Shelton

Betty Tran & Axel Kent

3 team spots remaining

Mixed 4.0

Mark Ustinov & Lindsey Whitehead

Ian Valenzuela & Eve Watterson

Jamie Solomon & Kevin Morton

Corey Schneider & Michelle Matsui

Marcela Guerra & Robert Borden

David Rees & Valery Naskrent

4 team spots remaining

Mixed 4.5+

Marcus Vogel & Mari Strain

Jenna Gallanosa & Dale Gutierrez

Blair Hartwell & Tom Hartwell

Ferdie bautista & Isabella Hoang

Melissa Mangum & David Umel

5 team spots remaining



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