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Rotorua Pickleball Club Champs – Mens and Womens Doubles

July 15, 2024

Registration closed

Ended July 10, 2024


Rotorua Badminton Hall

24 Tarewa Place, Rotorua


Format: Set Partner Pool Play + Single Elimination Bracket

Price: NZD5.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Mark Lovegrove


Welcome to the Rotorua Pickleball Club’s 2024 Club Champs Mens and Womens Doubles Tournament.
This is open to fully paid club members only, so if you have not paid your 2024 subs, then these would need to be paid before registering.
We will play from 6pm on Monday 15th July, with warm-up from 5:30pm.
Social games will be arranged once all matches are completed.
Pool games will be to 15, win by 2, with the medal rounds best of 3 games to 11.
Get your partner now and register to secure your spot as places are limited.
To register you will register and pay as a team, so you will need your email address and DUPR ID for the registration process.

All results will be uploaded to DUPR, so you will both need a DUPR account.

Mens and Womens singles will be on Monday 1st July, and Mixed Doubles will be on Monday 29th July. Register for these events separately.

Registration cost is $10 for each player per event.


There will be no umpires, so score yourselves, server always calling the score, and if there is doubt about whether the ball is in or out, it was in.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you withdraw before Thursday 11th July you will get a refund, otherwise you will not get a refund.


Men's Doubles

Mark Lovegrove & Bruce Finlay

Chris Kinman & Eric Roberts

Dan Peden & Karl Haereroa

Tony McKenna & Hugo Delgado

Shaun Tamai & Lionel Rogers

Marty Janssen & Antony Lynskey

Michael Sutherland & Barry McCowatt

Fabian Sepulveda & Rocky Escobar

Gavin Hudson & Vance Shoebridge

Cody Broad & William Newman

James Bailey & Glenn White

4 team spots remaining

Women's Doubles

Natalie Allan & Trudy Henderson

Mint Bhetraratana & Ramari Raureti

Annemarie Morrison & Juliet Watson

Sandra Campbell & Lisa McFarlane

Maureen Conner & Liz Burton

Kate Hudson & Jill Gimblett

Christine Rees & Ann Maree Murphy

Mianna Laing & Brooke Wynyard

4 team spots remaining