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Recess Sessions presents: Fixed Partner Round Robin Tournament

May 11 - May 18, 2024

Registration closed

Ended May 16, 2024


Bushrod Park

North Oakland, Oakland, CA, United States of America


Format: Set Partner Round Robin

Price: $10.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Samuel Siegel


Update 4/24/24: A DUPR rating is required to participate in the event. You will need to have a rating on DUPR by EOD May 5 in order to participate. If the two DUPR scores of a team don’t add up to the bracket you signed up for, you might be moved by the organizer to a different bracket, or removed from the tournament.


Join for our Bushrod Fixed Partner Round Robin Tournament on May 11 and 18! Enter with your doubles partner and see how you fare against fellow teams! All scores will be input into DUPR!

All brackets are determined by combined DUPR scores of teams (2 people) so a DUPR rating for both players is required!

May 11 Brackets
**Brackets are combined DUPR scores for a team!**
6.5-7.5 OPEN (any combination of genders) – May 11, 8:30am
7.5-8.5 OPEN (any combination of genders) – May 11, 11:30am
8.5-9.5 OPEN (any combination of genders) – May 11, 2:30pm

May 18 Brackets
**Brackets are combined DUPR scores for a team!**
6.5-7.5 Women’s Doubles – May 18, 9:30am
6.5-7.5 Men’s Doubles – May 18, 9:30am
7.5-8.5 Women’s Doubles – May 18, 1:30pm
7.5-8.5 Men’s Doubles – May 18, 1:30pm

Recess Sessions reserves the right to adjust the bracket level in which your team will compete. This is most common for teams with a combined DUPR score close to two brackets.


Entry: Players may enter up to TWO brackets between the two days (May 11 and 18). A team may only enter ONE bracket together. You may, however, enter two different brackets with a different partner for each.

Parking: Please refrain from parking in the Bushrod parking lot as this closes before the session ends.

Liability Release: By participating in the tournament, you release from liability and waive your right to sue Sam Siegel, Recess Sessions, Bushrod Park, their employees, officers, volunteers and agents from any and all claims, including claims of negligence, resulting in any physical injury, illness (including death) or economic loss you may suffer or which may result from your participation in this event, travel to and from the event, or any events incidental to the event.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

No refunds for rain or inclement weather. Last day to request a refund for your slot is April 27, 2024. Processing fees and Swish tech fee may be non-refundable.


6.5-7.5 OPEN DOUBLES - 8:30am (May 11)

Julia Silbergeld & Ben Norton

Steven Whitney & Gennina Bautista

Rachel Siegel & Dustin Stuflick

Erica Huang & Josh Louie

Pratush Saravanan & Hayden Yeung

Eric Rogstad & Nitin Yadav

Josh Cohen & Rachel Buck

Kym Sterner & Dave Sterner

Aaron Schottenfeld & Meg Holtzinger

0 team spots remaining

7.5-8.5 OPEN DOUBLES - 11:30am (May 11)

Mark Priven & Jane Mitchell

Missy Park & Jamie Paterson

Betsy & Tyler

Richard Maiers & Barry Weeks

Samuel Siegel & Eddie Metairie

Ivano Gregoratto & Stefan Schulze

Maxime Pouvreau & Mike Zeitouny

Angela Sundin & Egan Brown

Byron Bardy & Nicole Bowler

0 team spots remaining

8.5-9.5 OPEN DOUBLES - 2:30pm (May 11)

Amber Dean & Brian Stockman

Dylan Thayer & Kasey Shibayama

Skyler Wang & Raunaq Singh

Nick Nguyen & Chris Vu

Scott Kane & Jordan Richardson

Will Tams & Pablo

Avery Moore & Tobias Riday

Steve Hernandez & Matthew Sewell

Byron Bardy & David Lindenbaum

0 team spots remaining

6.5-7.5 Women's Doubles - 9:30am (May 18)

Carolyn Bernstein & Sarah Davis

Andrea Postier & Sarah Wong

Julia Silbergeld & Julie Hess

Jackie Dragon & Terry Walker-Mullings

Susie Debenham & Nicole Bowler

4 team spots remaining

6.5-7.5 Men's Doubles - 9:30am (May 18)

Gordon Redmond & Eric Smith

Auni & AJ

Dustin Stuflick & Maxwell Blankman

Neel & Antonio Wothe

Sarvotam Singh & Mayank Gupta

Eric Rogstad & Monte MacDiarmid

Dennis Hon & Kevin Yu

Dominic Valerian & Gus Valerian

Anthony chen & Brayden Chen

0 team spots remaining

7.5-8.5 Women's Doubles - 1:30pm (May 18)

Kara Collier & Jennifer Cyrkler

Cheryl Binney & Victoria Ferguson

Candace Jackman & Angela Sundin

Louella Maxwell & Maily Sithixay

5 team spots remaining

7.5-8.5 Men's Doubles - 1:30pm (May 18)

Samuel Siegel & Tyler Langenbrunner

Gabriel Zuckerman & Dylan Thayer

Barry Weiss & Byron Bardy

Paul Taruskin & Ivano Gregoratto

Spencer Donaldson & Aakash Raghubansh

Anthony Simkins & Tristan Vincent

Kyle Ikeda & Bryan Ikeda

Justin Elstrott & Matt Wayne

Reiden Tyvek Johnson & Neal Witt

0 team spots remaining