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Pickleball Life Team Tournament Challenge

April 13, 2024

Registration closed

Ended April 7, 2024


The Greens Country Club


Format: Set Partner Pool Play + Single Elimination Bracket, Team Pickleball

Price: $50.00$65.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Buck King


Franklin X 40 will be the ball used in the tournament. A match will consist of 1 Men’s Doubles Match, 1 Women’s Doubles Match, 2 Mixed Doubles Match. Matches will be played on Permanent Indoor Courts.

Medals will be awarded in each bracket of play!

Tournament director will have the authority to change the formats for divisions that are not full.

If you are unsure which division your team should register for, I am happy to give advice send an email to pickleballlifelogo@gmail.com


The format for this tournament will be as follows: Each division will have 8 teams. Each division will be divided into two 4 team pools. The top 4 teams will advance to an upper bracket, the lower 4 teams will also get to play out a lower division bracket, usually lower 4 are just done, I want to maximize your play and give you the opportunity to participate in a bracket as well. All games will be rally scoring. All Pool Play games will be to 15 with the team that is ahead frozen at 14 and must be serving to win. Bracket Matches will be to 21 with the team that is ahead frozen at 20, and must be serving to win. Frozen means the team must be serving to score the winning point. Example, if the score is 20-19 and the team that is behind is serving, the team that is ahead cannot score on that serve. If the score is tied we revert back to rally scoring. All games are won by 2. In the event of a tied match, the format to break the tie will be as follows: 1 game to 15 playing skinny singles. The "Home" captain will select the order of players 1-4. The "AWAY" captain will be able to select who will compete against the player the home team send out 1st. Each Player will play 2 points, then players will rotate in the order that the captain chose, until 1 team reaches 15 but must win by 2. (More rules will be sent out to captains about the coin toss and the options you may choose)

PLAYERS Each team will consist of four players, two (2) females and two (2) males.

TEAM UNIFORMS We HIGHLY encourage teams to get creative and match! It’s all part of the Minor League fun!

SCORING: RALLY SCORING A point is earned after every rally, whether it was won by the serving or receiving team. However, a team needs to win by two, on their serve, hence a “freeze” can happen if the rally is won by the non serving team (their winning point would not count as they must serve to win). Trailing teams never freeze and continue rally scoring until they reach the score of 18. To win, a team must win by two and must have served to win.

PLAYER CHANGE OF SIDE/SERVE During rally scoring players do not switch sides after winning points. Player A starts on the right side and serves when the score is even and Player B serves from the left side when the score is odd. Player A and B must also receive serves on their respective side. A team may choose to switch player sides during any timeouts. Teams must announce they are making the change before play resumes.

Additional Rules will be sent to captains after registration


Cancellation/Refund Policy

No refunds after April 4th without the approval of Pickleball Life, LLC


4/13/24 Cucumber Division 50+, Age 3.25 and Below

No players yet

8 team spots remaining

4/13/24 Brine Division 50+ age, 3.25-4.0

Free Range

Kenneth Bri mberry & Kim Erdous & Jill Bowler & Jay Graham

Dinks and Drinks

Kevin McVay & Janie Kinsinger & Terry McVay & Heather Mitchell

Bridge Creek Posse

Bobby Ladd & Grace Ladd & Keith Wallace & Stephanie Robinson

Woodson Warriers

Trina Hope & Erin Maher & Tim Cook & Kendall West

pickles firing

Tommy Noble & Kelley Mastell & Jan Cooley & John Erickson


Lee Larson & Randy Grellner & Shelley Grellner & Donda Roach

Living Legends

Rod Bynum & Jim Clark & LeeAnn Fairlie & Vicky Noakes

Rock & Roll

Casey Murchison & Johnna Murchison & Daffy Duck & Minnie Mouse

0 team spots remaining

4/13/24 Pickle Division 50+ Age, 4.0 and Above

Pickleball Life Squad

Buck King & Jolinda Holt & Danny McCallister & Karen McCallister

7 team spots remaining

4/13/24 Gerkins Division ADVANCED SKILL ages 30-49

405 Crew

Kenny Cowell & Shaun Stone & Apryl Hill & April Whip

7 team spots remaining

4/13/24 3.5 and below Women Doubles OPEN (No age restrictions)

Donna Morris & Kiki McWilliams

7 team spots remaining

4/13/24 3.5 and below Mens Doubles OPEN (No age restrictions)

No players yet

8 team spots remaining



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