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Miami Shores Pickleball Tournament

April 19 - April 21, 2024

Registration closed

Ended April 15, 2024


Miami Shores Tennis and Pickleball Club


Format: Rotating Partner Round Robin, Set Partner Pool Play + Single Elimination Bracket

Price: $0.00$80.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Sean Pascale


The Miami Shores Tennis and Pickleball Club are proud to announce its first Pickleball Tournament. There will be free chair massages, trainer warm up station, Smoothie and Gastrobar area, Athletic IV station, raffles, podiums, medals, prizes, and goodie bags per player!

Players sign up as a team! If you’d like to sign up solo and be matched later on, reach out and we will help.

Friday evening, we will host a Singles Open bracket from 6:30-9:30 PM. Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to doubles play! Prize money will be awarded in Open Divisions only.

Doubles Open: Men’s, Women’s, Mixed
1st- $500 per team
2nd- $300 per team
3rd- $200 per team

Singles Open:
1st- $250
2nd- $150
3rd- $100


You may pay an additional event fee to enter into a second bracket. If your start times overlap, you will be notified in advance and refunded.

Set Partner Pool Play- All teams in their pool play each other.
1. One game is played against each team in your pool to 11 points (No winning by 2, first to 11 points)

1. Playoff seeds will be determined by the number of wins, then points scored, then points against through the round robin, and if needed, the team that signed up first.
2. The top 4 teams from round robin play will enter the playoff. If a division is split into two pools per bracket, then it will be the top 2 teams of each pool going to the final 4 playoff.
3. Teams 1 and 4 play each other, while teams 2 and 3 play. Winners play for gold/silver and losers play for bronze. Tournament games one game to 11, win by 2.

ALL PLAYERS MUST have a DUPR account to play, if you do not have a DUPR account then you can sign up here: https://mydupr.com/signup

You do not need an exact rating to enter the tournament, but it is encouranged. Players with a rating of N/A may enter any bracket they deem appropriate. But if you have an account and you are not yet rated, you may participate in one of our “Get Rated” days before the tournament. Contact us for details.

However, those with ratings will be asked to enter the appropriate bracket to avoid sandbagging. In other words, higher level players may not enter lower level brackets. But, lower level players may enter higher level brackets if they feel it is appropriate for them to do so. Registrations are being monitored and all player DUPR ratings will be verified.

Bracket start times, divisions, number of total games played, and total length of play are subject to change and will be determined after the final registration deadline. We will let you know a few days in advance about the final schedule.

All games will be logged to DUPR!

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Refund Policy: There will be a $10 cancelation fee for all refunds.
No refunds will be made after 3/18 for any reason.

Inclement Weather: This is an outdoor tournament. If weather or any other unforeseen circumstance occurs the tournament will do all it can to play matches. If brackets are in mid play when a weather or unforeseen circumstance occurs the situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Need Partner/Waiting list: Add your name and bracket information

Steven Janoff 3.5 50+ men’s doubles

MARIANA (singles waitlist)



Karolay Pichardo 3.0 to 3.5

Raul De Felice 3.0 to 3.5

Maira Maguire Singles Waitlist

Alejandro Sasso

Alejandro Sasso ( Single Waiting list)

Max Gera

Lisa Dreyer(mixed 50+3.5-3.9-Richard Marchand)

Richard Marchand

Richard Marchand(mixed 50+ 3.5-3.9- Lisa Dreyer)

LION GOLD. (Waitlist singles)

Nick Uem

Aaron Thomas

Jonathan Duron

Riccardo Roberto (Singles & Open Doubles - Alex Heiden )

Alex Heiden (Open Doubles-Riccardo Roberto)

1 team spot remaining

Singles Open, Friday 4/19, 6:30 PM

Anna Segarra

Justin Dages

Amar Shivdasani

Mike Carbone

Luis Vega

Carlos Rivero

Nick Pisani

Alexander Thorn

Tony Shalom

Christian Barnes

Julieta Torres

Timothy Eliacin


Alejandro Sasso

0 team spots remaining

Mens Doubles Open: (4.0 To 4.9), Saturday 4/20

noah zabawa & Jeff Epstien

Alexander Thorn & Haven Thorn

Eric Mandell & Roy Ruggiero

Tobias Sosa molina & Sucre Elias

Justin Dages & Austin Basque

Yadin Hernandez & Yasmani Perez

Carlos Rivero & Lion Gold

Roy Cardoso & Max Gabath

Christian Barnes & Gaston Botto

Brian & Jordan Skalet

0 team spots remaining

Mixed Doubles: (2.9 and Under), Saturday 4/20

Neca Logan & Rodolfo Palacios

Heather Reyes & Marcelo Reyes

Alexander J Labora & Deborah White-Labora

Alicia Ortiz & Ramiro Ortiz

Alfredo Themistocleous & Maria Fernanda Zambrano

Dennis Hernandez & Mercedes Hernandez

0 team spots remaining

Mixed Doubles: (3.0-3.9), Saturday 4/20

Karin Stirk-Davis & Timothy Davis

Anil Gajwani & Dolly Amortegui

Steven Janoff & Iliana Martin

Reinaldo D Hernandez & Andrea Gil

Lauren De Paoli & Juan De Paoli

Scott du Feu & Judy Cejas

Philip Kim & Penny Kim

Catalina Forwood & Michael Elbilia

Daisy Goetz & Derek Goetz

Edward Garazi & Debbie Rosman

Karolay Pichardo & Raul De Felice

Chris Demetriades & Jelena Demetriades

0 team spots remaining

Womens Doubles Open (4.0-4.9), Saturday 4/20

Eli Gonzalez & Evi cruz

Blanca Perez & Maritza Torres

Allison Head & Sonia uptown

Isabella Ochoa & Ana Pollan

Mindy King Dudziak & Christie Le

0 team spots remaining

Mens Doubles: (3.0 To 3.5), Saturday 4/20

Johil Parbtani & Ivan Arno

vincenzo lombardi & Stewart glass

Dean Lovett & Michael Sijon

Jean Zuluaga & Mario De Sena

Mauricio Baracchi & Rodrigo Chaves

0 team spots remaining

Mens Doubles: (2.9 And Under), Saturday 4/20

No players yet

0 team spots remaining

Mens Doubles: (3.5 To 3.9), Saturday 4/20

Manuel Verdia & Manuel Oropesa

Amar Shivdasani & Mike Carbone

Scott du Feu & Anton Avguchenko

Gabriel Pol & Luisby Britto

Jonathan Pardo & Mike Macko

Nicholas Barto & Aleck Garcia

Hernan Santos & Marcus Mendez

Kendrick Maqueira & Lazaro Alvarez

Carlos Olaya & Juan Pablo Dsilva

Woojin Choi & Sam Patel

0 team spots remaining

Mens 50+ Doubles : (2.9 And Under), Sunday 4/21

Victor Lazarus & Marcelo Reyes

Alfredo Themistocleous & Al Diaz

Kenneth Huie & Anthony Martin

Ignacio Vázquez & Jorge Sunñe

0 team spots remaining

Mens 50+ Doubles: (3.0-3.9), Sunday 4/21


Reinaldo D Hernandez & Cian DeBaldo

Humberto González jr & Jorge Leon

Edward Garazi & Derrick Reyes

Paul Schreier & Lonny Anger

Brian E. Gonzalez & Luis Aparicio

Dusty Davis & Jon Kawachika

Stewart Glass & Vincenzo Lombardi

0 team spots remaining

Womens Doubles: (3.5 To 3.9), Sunday 4/21

Catherine Redding & Keely Redding

0 team spots remaining

Womens 50+ Doubles: (2.9 And Under), Sunday 4/21

No players yet

0 team spots remaining

Womens 50+ Doubles: (3.0-3.5), Sunday 4/21

Gigi Turkel & Gayle Pumo

Geetanjali Anu Advani & Daisy Iglesias

Julieta Torres & Cristina Calvo

Patricia Derrer & Maureen Olson

Maria Fernanda Zambrano & Valerie Pitt

Amy Zibelli & Kyllene Carter

Denira Borrero & Marisa Mendez

0 team spots remaining

Womens Doubles (2.9 And Under), Sunday 4/21

Carla Peters & Catherine McLaney

Sharon Thompson & Hallie Goldstein

Melis Tanlay & Angela Robledo

Alicia Mangham & Dianne Katan

Amy Kang & Bonnie Hunter

0 team spots remaining

Mixed Doubles Open (4.0-4.9), Sunday 4/21

Mackie Feierstein & Dania Hyde

Conor Chung & Stephanie Anders

Justin Dages & Debora Castany

Allison Head & Roy ruggiero

Xhuljo Zito & Diviana Salazar

Mike siegel & Sigrid Gabriele

Christina Cagol & Todd Rubinstein

Ana Pollan Sanchez & Agustin Crochi Torres

Brian Smith & Lauren Hidalgo-Smith

Glen P Knobel & Michelle Knobel

0 team spots remaining

Womens Doubles: (3.0 To 3.49), Sunday 4/21

Tracy Towle & Karin Stirk-Davis

Jill Carabotta & Isabel Alonso

Kelly Gale & Paola Plevak

Raquel Rodriguez & Estefania Contreras

catherine Redding & Keely Redding

Cinthia Porcelli & Catalina Balcells

0 team spots remaining



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