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Fretz Memorial Weekend DUPR Rated Tournament

May 25, 2024

Registration open

Ends May 21, 2024


Fretz Tennis Center, 6998 Belt Line Road, Dallas, TX 75254, United States of America


Format: Set Partner Round Robin

Price: $25.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Laila Kamel


Please join us on Saturday, May 25th for a day of friendly pickleball competition at Fretz Tennis Center! We are so excited that we now have 12 DEDICATED pickleball courts here at Fretz Tennis Center!!

Tournament format: Round-Robin pool play (pool matches are each 1 game to 15) feeding into bracket play (bracket matches are each 2 out of 3 games to 11, win by 2)
All teams will play 3 pool matches and 2 bracket matches (given full draws).
We will be using Franklin X-40 outdoor pickleballs. All scores will count towards DUPR ratings.

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your division’s start time to allow time to check in.
8:30AM Women’s Doubles (3.0, 3.5, and 4.0)
11:00AM Men’s Doubles (3.0, 3.5, and 4.0)
2:30PM Mixed Doubles (3.0, 3.5, and 4.0)
Medals awarded for winners and runner ups for each division!

On the day of the tournament, bring a water jug full of ice water and ensure you are well-hydrated starting from the day before! Our facility has ice and water stations available inside the building for refilling your water jug between (or during) matches.


Must be 18+ and know pickleball rules and scoring to participate.
3.0 Divisions: Each player must not exceed a 3.30 DUPR rating
3.5 Divisions: Each player must not exceed a 3.70 DUPR rating
4.0 Divisions: Each player must not exceed a 4.30 DUPR rating

ALL PLAYERS MUST register with a DUPR ID. Please register based on your DUPR rating at the time of registration.

If you would like to be able to view matches and court assignments and enter your scores using the Swish mobile app during the tournament, please be sure to have the Swish app downloaded and signed into ahead of time, with your DUPR ID linked to your Swish profile. (This is not required, but just if you would like to!) DO NOT press "Leave Tournament" at the end of the tournament. Just verify your scores and close the app.

How to link your existing DUPR ID to your Swish account (if not yet linked): Download the Swish app on your smart phone and log in. Click on "Profile", then "Add DUPR ID", then follow the prompts to link your DUPR ID to your Swish account.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

In the event of a complete rain-out, or if you register to the waitlist without making it into the tournament, you will receive a full refund. Withdrawals will receive a refund only if there is a player/team on the waitlist to fill the vacated spot. No refunds for day-of-tournament no-show or withdrawal. Day-of-tournament late arrivals will count as day-of-tournament no-shows.


8:30AM Women's 3.0 Doubles

Renee Elsner & Kelly Bolyang

Rafia Siddiq & Rachel Cho

Courtney Vorel & Becca Coe

Cory Grinnell & Marie Farley

Terri Davis & Sandra Lovesey

Allison Buchholz & Kelly Flanagan

Margee Hocking & Gaby Alexander

Mandee Wilson & Lisa Jarrell

0 team spots remaining

8:30AM Women's 3.5 Doubles

Laila F Lott & Monica Lehnen

Katrina Carlsen & Karen Nielsen

Alyssa Tanis & Chamindee Fernando

Tani Johnson & Laura Reynolds

Chelsea Baird & Karon klein

Maddy Dewitt & Jenna Kelley

Gia Brodt & Ellie Michener

1 team spot remaining

8:30AM Women's 4.0 Doubles

Claire Shannon & Lauren Ryniak

7 team spots remaining

11:00AM Men's 3.0 Doubles

Reddy Arimanda & Ram Papineni

Jack Phifer & Dan Goddard

Vijay Dadhich & Selvam Marimuthu

James Nguyen & Lucca Clark

Andrew Faith & Preston Wolfe

Jackie Le & Jason Zhang

Steven Zimmermann & David Guth

Josh Beasley & James Lombard

0 team spots remaining

11:00AM Men's 3.5 Doubles

Chris Rodriguez & David Mass

Hector Chavez & Joe Widmaier

Dean Trinh & Duc huynh

Jaisal Lakhu & Caleb Hommel

Jeff Clark & Corey Aldridge

Alex adorable & Ryo Takakuwa

Rupesh Parameswaran & Sridhar Pudu

Kenneth Hartman & Jackson Jarboe

0 team spots remaining

11:00AM Men's 4.0 Doubles

Jason Byrum & Scott Meyers

Brock Fitzhugh & Jeremiah Hernandez

Connor Anderson-Procter & Ross Decker

Ashwin Kumar & Jasher Joice

Vincent Ton & Ryan Anderson

Grant Gocke & Louis Shaff

Oliver King & Jeremy Brodt

1 team spot remaining

2:30PM Mixed 3.0 Doubles

Peter Berman & Christi Staib

Kelly R Bolyard & Jeffrey A Bolyard

Kenneth Hartman & Gabrielle Nguyen

Michael Abraham Varghese & Anna Patrice Meier

Yaneth Castillo & Fletcher Kincaid McNeill

Jason Zhang & Thu Pham

Josh Beasley & Kristina Snyder

Christine Kilmer & Joshua Suarez

0 team spots remaining

2:30PM Mixed 3.5 Doubles

Jaisal Lakhu & Ellie Michener

Tani Johnson & Brad Linscott

Alyssa Tanis & Sandeep Allada

Brady Tinker & Wendy Moore

Jiab Wasserman & Stefano Divalle

London Leon & Chase Sandler

Vincent Ton & Maddy Dewitt

Ryan & Jenna Kelly

0 team spots remaining

2:30PM Mixed 4.0 Doubles

Jules Jacquart & Bradford Coffman


Claire Shannon & Clark Shannon

Lauren Ryniak & Jonathan Powell

Saahith Matam & Shruti Vellaturi

Mollie Le Quan & Son Nguyen

2 team spots remaining