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DUPR PickleVoss Flex League Coconut Creek Season 1

May 23 - June 23, 2024

Registration open

Ends May 20, 2024


Coconut Creek, FL

United States of America


Format: Set Partner Round Robin, Rotating Partner Round Robin

Price: $20.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Karim Vossler


The PickleVoss DUPR Flex league is a competitive format for your own skill level. Our goal is to have a friendly, competitive atmosphere to improve and enjoy pickleball.
Who we are:
PickleVoss is a local club who organizes Pickleball events. We represent Coconut creek and the surrounding areas. We are passionate about the sport and we promote a friendly, FUN and competitive environment.


We will use a Round Robin Format with fixed partners. Each team will play one game per week for 5 weeks with one bye. Then we will have playoffs. Each week you will schedule a location with the team of your match. You will play 3 games to 11 win by 2. Who serves first? Any agreed upon format!
- cost is $20 per person plus a $5 service fee Per division(if you play men's doubles and Mixed doubles you would pay $20 +5+5= $$30)
-all scores will be reported to DUPR
-Winning team must post score
- Players are responsible for scheduling their own match times with their opponent at a mutually agreed-upon court location.
Playoff format will be announce toward the end of registration and will be determined according to participation.
To be eligible for the playoffs you must paly all your matches

Cancellation/Refund Policy

No refunds after 05/16/2024


Mixed doubles

Jose Linan & Catalina Escobar

Alexandra Maslan & Fadi Yaldo

Mike Ferrante & Jessica Lipchak

Lyn Nguyen & Jon Greenberg

Karim Vossler & Rafael Quintero

Natalia Alimonda & Marcelo Martinez

Glen P Knobel & Michelle Knobel

Vivian Lopez & AJ Elias

Paula Rouyet & PAUL VOSSLER

Fabian & Ana Agudelo

Jason J VanDyke & Sigrid

Murilo Oliveira & Helen Robles

0 team spots remaining

Men's 2.9 and Under

No players yet

10 team spots remaining

Women's 2.9 and Under

No players yet

10 team spots remaining

Men's 3.5

Anibal cachagua AJ & Daniel Russo

Thomas Manning & Andrew Manning

Juan Arrubla & Raymendy Jimenez

Willie Swin & alexander ortiz

paul schreier & Mike Siegel

Arnaldo Rivera & Zachary Chejanovski

Lonny Anger & Mitch Fisher

3 team spots remaining

Women's 3.5

Natalia Alimonda & Ana Catalina Agudelo

Karim Vossler & Allison Goldman

Paula Rouyet & Catalina Escobar

Vivian Lopez & Sigrid g

6 team spots remaining

Men's 4.0

Frank Sorbara & Bart Jan Rotteveel

Israel Vossler & Kevin Deal

Tito Hernández & Paul Vossler

Marcelo Martinez & Sebastian Constandache

Jeff Parady & Glen Knobel

Harry Zhao & Jose Linan

4 team spots remaining

Women's 4.0

Cindy england & Dana Fahlbusch

9 team spots remaining

Men's 4.5

Nick Delgado & Thomas Cundy

9 team spots remaining

Women's 4.5

No players yet

10 team spots remaining

Women's 3.0

Sol Garcia & Ligia Dehe

Vanessa Marquez & Maria Vanessa

Yessica Rivera & Catalina Escobar

7 team spots remaining

Men's 3.0

Juan Arrubla & Daniel Villegas

Zachary Chejanovski & Jimmy Chejanovski

Eduardo Salcedo Fuentes & Jacob Ginsberg

Jose Mostajo & Arnaldo Rivera

6 team spots remaining

Men's Singles 3.5+

Joseph Versil

rafael quintero

Juan Arrubla

Israel Vossler

alexander ortiz

Willie Swin

Murilo Oliveira

Kevin Deal

2 team spots remaining

Men's Singles 4.0+

No players yet

10 team spots remaining