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DUPR Collegiate Virginia Beach Super Regional

September 28 - September 29, 2024

Registration open

Ends September 18, 2024


Pickleball Virginia Beach

928 South Birdneck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, United States of America


Format: Team Pickleball, Set Partner Pool Play + Single Elimination Bracket

Price: $49.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Jacob Smith


DUPR Collegiate Pickleball is excited to bring collegiate pickleball to an MLP event! With DUPR’s partnership with UPA, this tournament is just the beginning of college events at PPA and MLP tour stops. This event will give out 4 bids to the 2024 Collegiate National Championship, and $2250 spread across 1st-4th place and the challenger bracket winners! In addition, we will have a professional livestream and commentators for the semifinals and finals.

Team Bracket – Schools will bring teams of 2-3 men and 2-3 women players to compete for scholarship money and a bid to the Collegiate National Championship!
To keep play competitive between teams, the top 16 teams by DUPR will be separated from the rest at this tournament. There will be 4 groups of 4, with an even amount of DUPR in each group, and each team playing everyone in their group. The top 2 from each group will make the quarterfinals for the playoffs.
For teams outside of the top 16, they will be sorted into groups of at least 4, with an even amount of DUPR in each group. The top 8 from these groups will make their own quarterfinals, separate from the top 16 quarterfinals. The scholarship money will only be given out to the top 16 bracket.
Teams that didn’t make the playoffs will have a consolation match on Sunday against a team of similar strength.

Challenger Bracket – Doubles teams play in the challenger bracket if they can’t make a team for the Team Bracket. It will be group play on Saturday, followed by playoffs on Sunday. A player cannot play in both the Team Bracket and the Challenger Bracket.
Schools can bring as many MLP teams and challenger teams as they want.

9/28 11:30am-7pm Group Play Rounds – Team & Challenger Bracket
9/29 8am-2pm Playoff Rounds – Team & Challenger Bracket
(Schedule may change based on registration)

Entry Requirements:
– Any college student taking a minimum of 6 college credits at the university they are representing can participate
– Players cannot be partnered up with students from a different school
– Clubs are not locked by geographic location and can play in as many Super Regionals as they want

Scholarship Money: $2250 total
Team Bracket Top 16: $1000 (1st), $500 (2nd), $250 (3rd & 4th)
Challenger Bracket: $250 (1st)
*Please note this scholarship money total is different than the rest of our Super Regionals, since this is an additional tournament we’ve added onto our calendar outside the eight original Super Regionals we planned for at the beginning of 2024.

Contact [email protected] with any questions


1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in the Team Bracket will all receive a bid to the 2024 Collegiate National Championship. If one of those teams already has a bid, then the bid will go to the next highest deserving team. It may be necessary to play an extra match to determine the recipient of a bid.

Challenger Bracket:
If there are not enough teams (4-6) signed up for Men's Doubles/Women's Doubles/Mixed Doubles, that bracket will be merged with another one. It may be the case that all brackets are combined together.

Photography Notice:
By registering for collegiate tournaments, participants acknowledge that photos and videos taken during the event may be used by DUPR for social media promotion. All such photos and videos remain DUPR's property, and DUPR reserves the right to share them. The DUPR marketing team will add a collegiate logo watermark to player photos. If shared on social media, players must retain the logo and credit DUPR.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

No refunds after registration closes.


Team Bracket

No players yet

48 team spots remaining

Challenger Bracket

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32 team spots remaining

Challenger Bracket - Women's Doublesen's Doubles

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0 team spots remaining

Challenger Bracket - Mixed Doubles

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