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Australia Minor League Pickleball @ Yeppoon

July 22 - July 24, 2024

Registration closed

Ended July 18, 2024


Chrisney Street

Cooee Bay QLD 4703, Australia


Format: The Dink Minor League Pickleball

Price: AUD60.00AUD75.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Mike Newell


The future of pickleball is NOW: Minor League Pickleball is sweeping the nation with its innovative, fun and social amateur MLPlay™ Team Event.

Minor League PIckleball is an innovative team competition where teams of 4 players (2 women and 2 men) compete against each other in an engaging format, with twists on traditional match-ups and scoring for games, matches, and tiebreakers. Teams compete against each other in Matches using the MLPlay™ format:

MLPlay™ is an ingenious gameplay format that brings men and women together on a level playing court. In the MLPlay™ format team matches are composed of four 21-point games, one women’s doubles, a men’s doubles, and the final two games consisting of mixed doubles. If both teams are tied at 2-2 after the 4 games are played, they’ll go to a Dreambreaker™! In a Dreambreaker™ one person from each team plays singles against the other team’s player, switching players every four rallies until someone gets to 21 and wins by two points.


DUPR Divisions
DUPR 20 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 20.99)
DUPR 18 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 18.30)
DUPR 16 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 16.30)
DUPR 14 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 14.30)
**Maximum individual player DUPR cannot exceed 4.10 to play in DUPR 14
DUPR 12 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 12.30)
**Maximum individual player DUPR cannot exceed 3.60 to play in DUPR 12

Once a team registers for a Minor League Pickleball event, their ratings are “locked” and their DUPR increasing or decreasing will not impact the team’s aggregate or division placement.
To sign up for any Minor League event, a DUPR account is required at the time of registration. Not rated players can play; however, their estimated rating will be verified by the tournament director.

Single Registrations
If you are registering as a single registration but are already part of a team, please notate Team Name AND the DUPR Division. For example, “Mad Drops – 18.”
If you want to play in the Minor League event but are unable to form a team, the tournament director will do their best to place you on a team. For players that are not placed, thus not playing the event, their registration fees will be refunded.

Substitute Players
A team that needs a player substitute can either edit their team by signing into Swish and making the edits themselves or a player may submit the player substitute information directly to the tournament organizer. Substitute player’s DUPR may not cause the established team’s aggregate to go over max event’s aggregate.

For the full Minor League Pickleball rules: https://www.dupr.com/minorleague/rules

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellation Deadline
To receive a refund minus the $5 technology fee, cancellation must be received by the end of day 15 days prior to the Minor League Pickleball start date.
Eg: Event start date is June 15, 2024. Cancellation must be received by 11:59pm local time on Friday, June 1, 2024. After June 1, 2024, no refunds will be issued.


DUPR 14 on July 23/24

No players yet

8 team spots remaining

DUPR 16 on July 23/24

Blackwater Pickle Dogs (Team DUPR = 14.68)

David Roberts & Suzanne Cengia & Joe Gersbach & Georgia Walker

TropiCools (Team DUPR = 15.8)

Roy Preece & Lea Preece & Donna Jay & Ron Neyenhuis

The BRAVes (Team DUPR = 12)

Rob Zupan & Barb Zupan & Anthony Lomasney & Vicki Lomasney

Cranky Poachers (Team DUPR = 16.31)

Glen Makin & Michael Witham & Kim Pickering & Julie Rollison

Unforced Terrors (Team DUPR = 14.8)

Cherami Freeman & Scott Freeman & John Wilczek & Carollyn Darby

3 team spots remaining

DUPR 18 on July 23/24

Carpe Dinkum (Team DUPR = 17.3)

Ellen McDonogh & Lauren Myors & Gordon Watson & Luke Milne

Kitchen Crew (Team DUPR = 17.65)

Kale Hodgson & Kerry Prior & Kate Applegate & Ray Ware

Can’t dunk of Anything (Team DUPR = 18.15)

Jeanette Ward & Mark Taylor & Jenny Ware & Darryl Exleby

Bashers (Team DUPR = 17.27)

Tony Pollard & Brad Kluss & Donna McNaughton & Sharon Edwards

4 team spots remaining

DUPR 20 on July 23/24

No players yet

8 team spots remaining

Individual Registration (Include Division in your Name)

Caleb Mills

Brendon Pilt

DUPR 18's - Yes Chef! - David Swartz

DUPR 18 - Yes Chef - Jessica Hughes

DUPR 18 Yes Chef - Abbey Butterfield

3 team spots remaining


No players yet

0 team spots remaining

DUPR MASTERS 18 on July 22

Mis-Hits (Team DUPR = 17.6)

Paul Campbell & Julie Campbell & Darryl Exelby & Erica Bacon

Dropshot Dreamers (Team DUPR = 17.17)

Jenny Ware & Raymond Ware & Janice Tyson & Tony Minto


Kelvin Rasmussen & Marie Tay & Michelle Golds & Glen Makin

Paddle Pals (Team DUPR = 17.69)

Lianne Bennett & Dale Bennett & Tom Wharton & Julie Wharton

Team Ian (Team DUPR = 13.72)

Ian Fraser & Mary Harding & David Lapere & Trixie Flegler

Kels Mix of All Sorts (Team DUPR = 15.95)

Ian Bates & Sharon Lawson & Stuart Applegate & Cath Griffin


Michelle Faustini & Garry Eddy & Anthony Mayers & Sue Higgins

The Untouchables (Team DUPR = 10.7)

Colleen Thompson & John Thomas Taylor & Leigh Taylor & Geoff Rooney

The Chicken Coop (Team DUPR = 14)

Robyn Booth & Lindy Pownall & Brian Shields & Chris Gilley

Paddle Punishers (Team DUPR = 17.44)

Gordon Watson & Tony Pollard & Donna McNaughton & Sharon Edwards

11 team spots remaining