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2024 Collegiate Individual National Championship

June 1 - June 2, 2024

Registration open

Ends May 22, 2024


7373 Kingsgate Way

West Chester Township, OH 45069, United States of America


Format: Set Partner Pool Play + Single Elimination Bracket, Rotating Partner Round Robin

Price: $74.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Jacob Smith


This event will crown a collegiate champion for each of the Men’s & Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Men’s & Women’s Singles brackets!

Stay, Play, Made Simple Hotel Link: https://bit.ly/4boUUFP
Pivot Hotel Link (will need to make an account): https://bit.ly/3wiaHHl

– Any college student taking at least 6 credit hours can compete.
– Players that graduate in the 2024 spring semester, or are taking summer classes can compete
– Players must be partnered with someone from their own school
– Players must fill out the registrar’s form before the tournament starts to certify they are a student at their school. Here is the link: https://bit.ly/4dnG8AD

Scholarship Money (All Events)

1st place – $1000 per player
2nd place – $500 per player
3rd & 4th place – $250 per player
5th – 8th place – $125 per player
$20,000 in total
Contact college@mydupr.com with any questions!

2023 CINC Champions

Mixed Doubles: Collin Shick & Sarah Carpenter (UNC)
Men’s Singles: Collin Shick (UNC)
Women’s Singles: Dylan Ciampini (Utah Tech)
Men’s Doubles: Collin Shick & Hunter Boyd (UNC)
Women’s Doubles: Dylan Ciampini & Katelyn Nadauld (Utah Tech)

By registering for collegiate tournaments, participants acknowledge that photos and videos taken during the event may be used by DUPR for social media promotion. All such photos and videos remain DUPR’s property, and DUPR reserves the right to share them. The DUPR marketing team will add a collegiate logo watermark to player photos. If shared on social media, players must retain the logo and credit DUPR.


Tournament Format

Saturday 9am-1pm, Mixed Doubles Group Play and Quarterfinals
Saturday 1pm-7pm, Men’s & Women’s Singles Group Play and Quarterfinals
Sunday 7am-1pm, Men’s & Women’s Doubles Group Play and Quarterfinals
Sunday 1pm-7pm, All Events Semifinals and Finals
All events will start with group play, and then the top 8 teams from group play will advance to the single elimination playoffs to determine the 2024 National Collegiate Champion for that particular event.

All players in all events are guaranteed at least 5 group play games. The groups will be seeded to have an even amount of DUPR in each group. Players can play in 1, 2, or all 3 events, they are not limited to just singles or just doubles.

Group play games will be 1 to 21, win by 2, rally scoring. Playoff games will be 2/3 to 21, win by 2, rally scoring.

Times are subject to change based on registration numbers. Bids will not be awarded at this event.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

No refunds after registration closes


Men's Doubles

Django Chassang & Jack Foster

Kallan Arledge & Jayce Fitzpatrick

Christian Franke & Jake Bower

David Bieger & Brian Song

Jacob Lambert & Wesley Leighton

Jack Munro & Timmy Manzano

Alec Alden & Santi Obando

Henry Shields & Michael Kaye

Ben Brandel & Noah Hlavac

Parker Tomz & Philip Crotts

Michael Asplund & Connor Maris

Andrew Lee & Jason Ma

Benson Parry & Jared Brungard

Jonathan Merchan & Jay Yeam

August Burton & Sebastian Charmot

Arun Balakrishna & Gary Cheng

27 team spots remaining

Women's Doubles

Kamryn Bliss & Averee Beck

Laura Falceto Font & Martine Sundsten

Mehvish Safdar & Claire Kappen

Lauralei Singsank & Alexandra McDonald

Brooke Dugarte & Ava Ignatowich

Selie Feldman & Fiorella Bozzetto

Zoeya Khan & Victoria Betzen

30 team spots remaining

Mixed Doubles

Laura Falceto Font & Django Chassang

Martine Sundsten & Christian Franke

Jayce Fitzpatrick & Anna Lenhart

Benson Parry & Averee Beck

Mehvish Safdar & Michael Asplund

Lauralei Singsank & David Bieger

Zoeya Khan & Jack Munro

Victoria Betzen & Timmy Manzano

Lauren Hayashi & Jack Foster

Fiorella Bozzetto & Kyle Compton

Connor Maris & Claire Kappen

Suzanne Chuparkoff & Henry Shields

Andre Vu & Ella Barclay

Sara Sowinski & Colton Thielman

Zoe Routson & Jake Bower

Jared Brungard & Kamryn Bliss

Brian Song & Alexandra McDonald

30 team spots remaining

Men's Singles

Jonathon Hart

Django Chassang

Kallan Arledge

Benson Parry

Christian Franke

David Bieger

Jacob Lambert

Nate Lee

Jack Munro

Timmy Manzano

Richard Balistreri

Jack Foster

Alec Alden

Andres Goenaga

Ben Brandel

Andrew Arzac

Kyle Compton

Colton Thielman

Ben Schubbe

Michael Asplund

Connor Maris

Jason Ma

Andrew Lee

David Zuckerman

Andre Vu

Jake Bower

Noah Hlavac

Jared Brungard

Arun Balakrishna

Jonathan Merchan

28 team spots remaining

Women's Singles

Averee Beck & Kamryn Bliss

Laura Falceto Font

Mehvish Safdar

Lauralei Singsank

Brooke Dugarte

Selie Feldman

Zoeya Khan

Victoria Betzen

Lauren Hayashi

Sara Sowinski

Fiorella Bozzetto

Ava Cavataio

Ava Ignatowich

Zoe Routson

Martine Sundsten

29 team spots remaining