August 4, 2024

Registration open

Ends July 27, 2024


Tustin Pickleball Courts

1302 Service Road, Tustin, CA 92780, United States of America


Format: Team Pickleball

Price: $55.00 / Player (must register and pay as a team)

Tournament Director

Jon Rash


Come Out and join 11-Zero Pickleball for round 3 of the team tournament series at tustin pickleball courts on Sunday August 4th 2024 from 8am-2pm . We look forward to having all you compete in this team format completion.
The MLP format consists of teams of 4 having 2 females and 2 males battle it out with there opponents. Each match starts with women’s dbls. Followed by men’s dbls and then they split up into 2 mixed dbls teams. This is a fun and completive event and each team can cheer their partners on during every match.
The first team to 21 using rally scoring wins each game and if both teams tie at the end of the 4 game match they will go head to head in a dreambreaker tiebreaker game to 21 and team captains can chose their tea.s singles lineup to play the opponents and each player will have chances to get 4 points until one team is the winner reaching 21 points.


Each team will have an appointed captain that will be responsible for inputing the scores at the completion of every game and teammates can follow along on the Swish App to see how your team is shaping up against opponents. Captains are required to have the Swish Sports app downloaded on their phones prior to check in on the 4th
We will be using Rally scoring with the first team to get 21 points to win their game.
Each team will consist if 2 females and 2 males and will playa least 3 matches starting with a coin toss to determine serve/side/and line ups for mixed dbls and for the singles tiebreaker in the event of a 2,2 tie at the end of the match. Women's dbls will start, followed by men's dbls, then the 2 mixed dbls games. There will be a medals round at the end to deter.ine the overall winners for each division and medals will be awarded for 1stl, 2nd and 3rd place in each division
Be sure to prepare a d hydrate your team for at least 4 hours of hard hitting gameplay. Bring plenty of food and beverage to keep your team strong for the day. There will be some food and drinks in case you run short
Balls used will be Franklin X-40
Spectators are welcome and everyone should come prepared with their own chairs to cheer their teammates on.
Games will be played on permanent hard surface courts with permanent nets.
Teams will play a minimum of 3 matches followed by a medals round
Team captains will register their teams. Cost is $55 per player/$220 per team.
Players must be registered with Dupr and captains will add each players Dupr score to deter.ine the division using the 4 player co.ined scores for their division.
Example : player1 3.8 player 2- 3.55 player 3- 3.75 player 4- 3.45=14.55 and would put the team in the DUPR 14 bracket. If combined scores are higher and closer to a total of 16 then the team should register in the next division at 4.0 level to keep thind competitive for all. 11 Zero will switch teams around as needed to keep it fun and competitive for all to play and have a shot at winning a medal
Check-in is from 7:15-8am captains will check their teams in and each player will need to check in as well so we know everyone is attending. Games start at 8am and prepare for 5-6 hours of play

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancelations can be done on the app till july 27th for a full refund


DUPR 12 (3.0)

No players yet

8 team spots remaining

DUPR14 (3.5)

Angelo’s Cheesebangers

Shawnna chung & Marla Del Rosario & John Durazo & Chris ngoy

7 team spots remaining

DUPR16 (4.0)

No players yet

8 team spots remaining

DUPR18 (4.5)


Joshua McWaters & Dan Tran & Michelle McLaughlan & Clarissa Year

7 team spots remaining